Belt Pac

The WMB Belt Pac is a professional solution for securely placing wireless equipment in a way that is safe and comfortable for the performer. Each belt pac model has been customized to fit popular wireless transmitters and receivers.

The WMB Belt Pac is made with fabric covered Dri-Prene, a TPE foam with the softness and elasticity of rubber. The Belt Pac is durable, moisture-resistant, latex-free, machine washable, and quick drying. The exterior is treated with CleanSport NXT, a natural odor control agent bonded to the fabric surface that breaks down sweat and organic material.

A bi-directional belt loop allows the wireless unit to be positioned horizontally or vertically on a belt or shoulder harness. Hook and loop closures secure the antenna and audio connectors in place while protecting the equipment from moisture and minor handling abuse.

The Belt Pac v2 Label System uses low-profile hook and loop accessories for organization and cable management of lavalier microphones. The included WMB Label and Cable Disc are writeable with Sharpie or permanent marker. The accessories can be used to secure lavalier cables directly to a WMB Belt Pac.