USITT Tech Olympics - Live Performance Award

In recognition of the skills and achievement of the participants of the USITT 2019 Tech Olympics,

Wireless Mic Belts is proud to support the winners of all solo and team competition events with an award valid for the expense of 1 or 2 tickets to attend a single, live performance in 2019, up to $100.

Below are award details and a link to submit your information.


Live Performance Award Questions

What expenses does the Live Performance Award pay for?
This award is a reimbursement of up to $100 for 1 or 2 tickets to a single live performance.  This can include any costs directly associated with the purchase of admission to the event, like service or convenience fees, 

What expenses are not covered with this award?
The award does not reimburse costs beyond the purchase of admission to the performance, like parking or transportation.

What performances qualify for this award?
Any event with a in-person performer and a public audience is valid for the Live Performance Award.  This can include theater, music, dance, spoken word, or other performances.  

What performances do not qualify for this award?
Live, video only performances such as National Theatre or Metropolitan Opera Live and other broadcast events do not qualify for this award.

Can this award be used for tickets to a performance that are more than $100?
Yes.  Any tickets with a total cost of over $100 will receive the full award amount.  

How do I send my tickets for this award?
Please use the link below to submit your information for the Live Performance Award.  A receipt from your ticket purchase with the amount paid is required.  This receipt can be a photo of the tickets or any other digital proof of purchase, as long as the cost is clearly stated.

How will the funds for the award be sent?
The awards will be administered on the first Monday of every month.  The money will be sent to the email on the award form using the secure payment app Zelle.  If you don’t already have this app, when the funds are sent an email will guide you how to setup an account at that time.

Submit Info & Receipt for Live Performance Award