NEW WMB Belt Pac v2

NEW WMB Belt Pac v2
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Wireless Mic Belts is proud to introduce the WMB Belt Pac v2, with improved materials and new features designed to meet the needs of live performance professionals.

The WMB Belt Pac v2 will be available in Black, White, and Tan for ALL models starting in SPRING 2018.

WMB Belt Pac v2 available for presale: 5/31/18

WMB Belt Pac v2 available for sale on our new website: 7/2/18


The WMB Belt Pac v2 replaces the previous neoprene material with Dri-Prene, a high-performane TPE foam that has the softness and elasticity of rubber with the added benefit of being a recyclable product.  

Also borrowing from the manufacturing of modern athletic wear, the WMB Belt Pac v2 is treated with CleanSport NXT, an natural odor control agent bonded to the fabric surface that breaks down sweat and organic material.  Learn more about CleanSport NXT here.


The WMB Belt Pac v2 includes a new label system and accessories for backstage organization and cable management.  The included low-profile WMB Label and Cable Disc accessories have a smooth surface that's writable with permanent marker and will stay secured during machine washing.

The new WMB Label and Cable Discs offer the ability to secure excess cable to the Belt Pac and keep your wireless units prepared for the demands of any performance situation.


Watch for the launch of our new website and all the new ways we design to fit your needs...

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